2009 Echezeaux, Grand Cru (Laurent Ponsot)                                        (Mar 2014)


Tasting notes from March, 2014

Magnificent, super-elegant and seductive nose with generous varietal character, full of the typical red berry fruit and spicy notes.

Very pretty, lean, stylish and clean Pinot taste with complex fruit, lightly lively acidic support and extremely refined tannins in a long lingering, complete and exact finish.

Outstanding, racy, bright young Pinot Noir from one of the best and most famous vineyards in Burgundy. This stunning 2009 is already beautifully expressive and precise but will develop even more subtle aromas and nuances in the next 10 year period. Enjoy it 2015-2025.

Tasting notes from December, 2015

Magnificent, rich, fullbodied 2009 Grand Cru from this excellent, opulent and fruit-profiled vintage. Icon winemaker Laurent Ponsot delivers all you can ever dream of in a perfectly crafted top Burgundy. It is now starting to open up but will take another 2-3 years to begin approaching its peak and shave off its vital fruit acidities. Enjoy it 2017-2025.

2005 Meursault Premier Cru Les Genevrières (Remi Jobard)               (Jun 2014)

Tasting notes from December, 2014

Superbly attractive, stylish, compact nose with notes of oak, butter, almonds and terroir.

Very distinct, super-elegant, clean taste with a nutty, lean and soft mid-palette, bright fruit and precise minerals in a long vibrant finish with superb fruit acidities.

Absolute Meursault tailored to perfection! Classic, nutty and mineral-packed with lots of finesse, discrete citrus freshness and lovely ripe fruit-tones producing a complete, delightful mouthfeel. Enjoy it 2015-2018.

2006 Domaine Weinbach “Trio (Laurence Faller)                                    (Sep 2014)

2005 Washington State Cabernet Sauvignon (Hedges)                          (Dec 2014)

Tasting notes from November, 2014

Beautifully focused, bright and massive Cabernet nose with hints of mocca, dried herbs, cassis and a touch of cedarwood.

Very inviting, dark, dense taste with deep currant fruit notes and nicely balanced tannic weight in a long perfectly balanced finish.

This is no less than a stunningly well-made and attractive American Cabernet very nicely polished and styled like a Pauillac. The Hedges family with flying winemaker Lars Torstensson has managed to create one of the best Cabernets that the State of Washington has ever seen and certainly the best wine to be released from this excellent estate. Enjoy it 2015-2025

Tasting notes from June, 2015

Both elegant, massive and adorable Pauillac-oriented Cabernet nose with deep blackberry fruit and a touch of black currant, mocca, oak and lead pencil.
Beautifully dense, fruit-driven taste with lots of balanced power and finesse with nice extracts, vitality and maturing acidic fire in a long, lingering, firm finish.
Another very impressive and distinct effort from this exceptional vineyard on the Red Mountain appellation; a flawless Cabernet composition. Enjoy it 2016-2025.

2002 Champagne Brut de Vincelles (H Blin)                                             (Dec 2014)

Interesting and quite special, clean mineral-packed nose with hints of biscuits, ripe fruit and citrus.

Very fresh, vibrant and focused taste with a tiny, sweet yellow fruit and long crisp chalky and lasting aftertaste.

Excellent out-of-the-ordinary but serious Champagne made from an exciting combination of 50 % Chardonnay and 50 % Pinot Meunier. This is a sturdy and no nonsense food-wine with nice precision and refined mouthwatering citrus-notes in perfect balance with shy maturing fruit. Enjoy it 2015-2020.