2005 Barolo Campé (La Spinetta, Giorgio Rivetti)                                 (Mar 2013)

Tasting notes from January, 2013

Beautifully bright, clean and precise nose with dark plummy fruit and hints of cassis, liquorish and bakelite.

Still young, compact and spicy taste with excellent depth of fruit, deliciously silky tannins and a long impressive elegant finish.

In this masterpiece Barolo from old vines, elite winemaker Giorgio Rivetti of La Spinetta has created an exciting combination of power and elegance. This Barolo is still a bit tight but is now starting to express its sleeping beauty and great potential. In fact, Barolo does not really get more serious than this. Enjoy it now and with even greater pleasure 2015-2025!

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Still tight with fabulous deep Nebbiolo fruit and all the typical characteristics of the Barolo origin coming out slowly but steadily. Enjoy it 2015-2025.

2007 Meursault Sous la Velle (Remi Jobard)                                           (Jun 2013)

Tasting notes from June, 2013

Delicate, still a bit discrete, complex nose with lots of finesse and hints of exotic fruit, almonds and citrus.

Stylish, clean, vibrant and beautifully balanced taste with rich, open fruit and a long, elegant after taste with lingering finishing acidities.

Another superb and classic Meursault effort from the reliable Remi Jobard. Mineral packed, precise and delicately tailored to match your best white fish dishes. Enjoy now and at least 3 more years.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Now starting to develop more typical Meursault notes expressed in chalky minerals and wide open fruit on the pallet. Enjoy it 2014-2018

Tasting notes from December, 2015

Approaching its peak expression of classic Meursault showing lovely roundness in very elegant fruit supported by nutty elements in an impressive tenor acidic structure and a long, singing, precise mineral finish. Enjoy 2016-2018.

2009 Sancerre Sauvage (Pascal Jolivet)                                                    (Sep 2013)

Tasting notes from May, 2013

Big, bright and unusually rich nose with layers of peach, passion fruit, almonds and ripe grapes.

Distinct, full bodied taste with, fat mid palette, generous fruit and perfect, vivid  acidic structure and a long lingering after taste with citrus and mineral accent.

This very right, round and accessible wine is not your average Sancerre! Master wine maker Pascal Jolivet has managed to create a mineral-packed concentrated and exciting Sauvignon Blanc from the Champtin vineyard ,using only natural yeast , no sulphur addition and then let it mature on its fine lease for nine months. A very special and attractive wine which could be enjoyed now but will dry up a little with age and thus gain even more character. Enjoy it 2013until 2023 with your favorite shell fish or fish dish.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

This quite unusual and rich Sancerre with great fruit body is now maturing nicely and showing more of it Sauvignon blanc/Sancerre origin, a direction which will continue further. Enjoy it 2014-2025.

Tasting notes from June, 2016

Excellent development since the latest tasting, now showing precise, ripe, clean Sancerre aromas in a classic crispy framework of fruit acidifies and minerals. Enjoy it 2016-2025.

2006 Washington State Petit Verdot (Hedges)                                        (Dec 2013)

1999 Champagne Premier Cru, Cuvée Creation (Vilmart)                     (Dec 2013)