2010 Grenache de Provence (Ch L’Arnaude)                                         (Mar 2012)

Tasting notes from May, 2012

Spicy, vinous and distinct Grenache nose with elegant light oak scents, dark berry fruit aromas in a young, tight style.

Very young, vibrant, stylish nose with hints of liquorish and very intense lingonberry and red current fruit notes, finishing clean and crisp with promising and very balanced tannins.

A very straight-forward, charming and pure Grenache from the best vineyards of Provence. It is still a bit closed (May 2012) but shows already very inviting varietal character and sweet fruit aromas in firm and serious acidic structure. A very interesting wine with lots of energy, still reserved but will develop nicely with 2-5 years more on the bottle.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Still very young and tight on the finish but starting to open up deeper and more intense, stylish Grenache aromas. Enjoy it 2016-2020

Tasting notes from July, 2015

Still young, firm and solid but starting to emerge from its fruit-driven premature position showing a bit more Grenache character and carrying its rich weight with vital dignity. Enjoy it 2016-2020.

2008 Alsace Pinot Gris (Domaine Weinbach, Laurence Faller)           (Jun 2012)

Tasting notes from June, 2012

Beautifully, precise, herbal, fruit-packed nose in late harvest style with smokey mineral notes and hints of exotic fruit.

Rich, intense and focused taste with firm, astringent body and a very long lingering aftertaste, including the very typical slight bitterness at the very end.

An extravagant, serious and very typical Pinot Gris of dignity with nicely tamed deep fruit in potent acidic structure. Still a bit wild in its youth but this excellent 2008 is a very attractive statement of this underrated grape. A great food wine from one of the top vineyard sites in Alsace. Will age nicely for at least 5 more years but is also very enjoyable to drink right now with your best salmon dish.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Still showing its fresh fruity herbal and exotic aromas with a shy botrytis character and very expressive Pinot Gris notes. Enjoy it 2014-2017.

2005 Washington State Syrah (Hedges)                                                 (Oct 2012)

Tasting notes from August, 2012

Very attractive, wide-open, powerful and spicy syrah nose with touches of oak, liquorish and ripe grapes.

Full-bodied, chocolaty and rich taste with generous fudge-like fruit in perfect harmony with potent acidic structure, lovely, rich mid pallet and good bite on the finish.

Excellent, well built and quite massive American syrah from perfect Red Mountain fruit, with obvious Rhone profile and generous mouth feel. Seven years of bottle age have given it both harmony and full bodied maturity.

It is now ready to enjoy and will maintain that position for at least 2 more years.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Now exhibiting even more vibrant and spicy Syrah character and developing more volume in a very rich and firm mouth feel. Enjoy it 2014-2020

Tasting notes from February 2015

Approaching its peak and delivering lots of attractive, spicy, massive and classic Syrah notes, including a typical touch of liquorish on the firm finish. Enjoy it 2015-2020.

Tasting notes from June 2016

Now approaching optimal drinkability showing deep, plummy and ripe Syrah aroms in a very attractive, focused northern Rhône style. Enjoy it 2016-2020.


2009 Chambolle Musigny (Laurent Ponsot)                                          (Dec 2012)

Tasting notes from September, 2012

Exceedingly elegant, young, bright and still a bit discrete Pinot Noir nose with deep berry fruit and cedar tones.

Distinct, peppery very precise taste with light new oak, exquisite toast nuances and a long lingering spicy finish.

This is the talented Laurent Ponsot’s very well-knit schoolbook burgundy, relatively light in style with lovely sweet pinot fruit in velvety firm tannin structure. Still in its prime youth, this excellent Pinot is already very accessible and seductive and displays all the classic dimensions with impressive precision. A great wine from a superb year; can by enjoyed now but will deliver more mature drinking pleasure for those who can keep their fingers off until 2014-17.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

An absolute beauty of a great Burgundy still developing delicate Pinot Noir character in the direction of deep spicy fruit and a very serious and precise acidic structure. Enjoy it 2015-2020.

2002 Champagne
Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru, les Chetillons (Pierre Peters)                   (Dec 2012)

Tasting notes from November, 2012

Very attractive, elegant and exceptionally precise nose with great depth of fruit, upfront minerals and notes of nuts and citrus.

Distinct, well built and massive taste with nice mid palette, apple fruit and a long lingering clean, chalky finish with crisp overtones of minerals and stones.

This is Rodolphe Peter’s wonderfully precise top mono-cru with a slightly dryer and more mineral packed version for the TWOSON collection. The lower dosage (4,7 gram/liter) makes all the characters of the chardonnay grape and the le Mesnil terroir stand out in great precision. Excellent le Mesnil fruit from more than 47 years old vines! To be enjoyed with great pleasure from this New Year’s Eve until the same time 2025, at least!

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Now developing into what it was ment to be: a precise Blanc de Blanc starting to open up delicate and sensual fruit and mineral aromas. This wonderfully elegant Champagne will peak around 2020-2022 and is very well worth waiting for. Enjoy it 2016-2025.