2005 Meursault en Luraule (Remi Jobard)                                          (Mar 2011)

Tasting notes from June, 2013

Delicate, still a bit discrete, complex nose with lots of finesse and hints of exotic fruit, almonds and citrus.

Stylish, clean, vibrant and beautifully balanced taste with rich, open fruit and a long, elegant after taste with lingering finishing acidities.

Another superb and classic Meursault effort from the reliable Remi Jobard. Mineral packed, precise and delicately tailored to match your best white fish dishes. Enjoy now and at least 3 more years.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Now starting to develop more typical Meursault notes expressed in chalky minerals and wide open fruit on the pallet. Enjoy it 2014-2018

Tasting notes from December, 2015

Approaching its peak expression of classic Meursault showing lovely roundness in very elegant fruit supported by nutty elements in an impressive tenor acidic structure and a long, singing, precise mineral finish. Enjoy 2016-2018.


2005 Volnay Santenots (Remi Jobard)                                                  (Jun 2011)

Tasting notes from June, 2011

Brilliant, spicy, young and very typical Pinot Noir nose with hints of red berries, spices and minerals.

Distinct, vinous and firm taste with some raspberry sweetness and rich mid taste,  superb balance and a long, exact, clean finish.

Excellent, compact and serious Côte de Beaune in the lighter, food friendly and exact style which is Remi Jobard’s no nonsense and disciplined wine profile. Enjoy it now and 3-5 years down the road.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Still developing beautiful Pinot Noir elegance and spiciness with ripe redberry fruits and maturing acidities coming out in a very disciplined, refined style. Enjoy it 2014-2017.

Tasting notes from June, 2016

Now reaching its peak maturity exhibiting lovely ripe Pinot noir finesse in a firm, lightweight, inviting and timeless style. Enjoy it 2016-2017.


2005 Barbera Gallina (La Spinetta, Giorgio Rivetti)                             (Sep 2011)

Tasting notes from June, 2011

Very pure, intricate, spicy, stoney, mocca-stained, earthy, slightly burnt nose with traces of orange peel.

Full, rich, potent, compact taste with hints of cherry fruit, pungent but sweet and soft tannins and long, intense, firm finish.

A perfectly balanced straight forward and relatively sophisticated single vineyard Barbera with abundant fruit in perfect tannic structure. A typical modern style Piemonte wine that shows how attractively the Barbera grape behaves in the hands of a brilliant winemaker. Enjoy it now and 3-4 years ahead.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Now showing fabulous development with more Barbera baccelite aromas and nicely concentrated fruit. Enjoy it 2014-2018.

2004 Washington State Merlot (Hedges)                                              (Dec 2011)

Tasting notes from October, 2011

Nicely matured, dense, very attractive and open Merlot nose with typical hints of rubber, plum and fudge.

Big, clean, generous, Bordeaux-style taste with sweet red berry fruit and a long nice lingering finish with firm, ripe tannins.

Very attractive, ready-to-drink American Merlot with lots of ripe varietal character and fruit concentration. A very respectable example of the lovely, cooler style fruit produced in the top appellation on Red Mountain in the State of Washington. Enjoy it with great pleasure now and 2 years down the road, preferably with your best beef from the grill.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Peaking nicely right now and showing very attractive roundness of fruit, distinct ripe Merlot aromas and a mature, long finish. Enjoy it 2014-2015.

Champagne Solera                                                                                   (Dec 2011)
Blanc de Blancs de Chouilly, Grand Cru (Legras&Haas)

Tasting notes from October, 2011

Big, massive, ripe nose with typical notes of terroir, citrus and ginger plus lovely exotic fruit.

Quite powerful massive and full bodied taste with a smooth rich and complex mid palette and long lingering distinct finish.

This is the Legras family’s invitation to the wonderful world of food champagne: A very special cuvée of exclusive reserve wines from 5 great vintages: 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999 och 2002. The wines have been on the lees for 7 years (!) and feature a dosage of only 3 grams per litre which makes it beautifully dry and expressive. Enjoy now and at least 10 more years towards full maturity.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

This very special Blanc de Blancs has become even more foody and now showing a bit more maturity and expressing further hints of terroir and exotic fruits. Enjoy it 2014-2022.

Tasting notes from May, 2016

Not surprising, this great solera cuvee is now coming around exhibiting both steady terroir and lovely fruit notes and finishing with great length and elegance. Enjoy it 2016-2022.