2005 Chablis Grand Cru, les Clos (Clotilde Davenne)
(May 2010)


Tasting notes from October, 2010
Quite big, beautifully complex, stylish and young Grand Cru nose with generous fruit and typical hints of wool, minerals and limestone.

Superbly elegant, clean and crisp taste, perfectly balanced with very harmonious mouth feel, elegant depth of fruit and an exceptionally long and clean aftertaste.

A very impressive, vigorous and complete schoolbook Grand Cru, about half way towards its optimal maturity. Enjoy it now and over the next 5-10 years; unoaked chardonnay doesn’t get a lot better than this in our opinion!

Tasting notes from November, 2013

A great Grand-Cru show with hints of typical tones and sweet Chardonnay fruit as well as minerals and acidity in maturing harmony. Enjoy it 2014-2020

Tasting notes from June, 2016

Like most topclass Grand Cru Chablis, this beauty is starting to develop the typical and very exciting wooly, rounded-off character as it starts to reach optimal drinkability. Enjoy it 2016-2020.


2006 Neusiedlersee Pinot Noir (Willy Opitz)                       (July 2010)


Tasting notes from October, 2010

Big, bright and very attractive Pinot Noir nose with hints of dill, fudge, strawberries and raspberry candy.

Quite powerful, clean and intense taste with lovely mellow fruit and a long lingering distinct finish.

A charming, potent and nicely developed Austrian Pinot Noir with lots of juicy varietal character. It is ready to be enjoyed now but will develop more delicate dimensions in the next three to four years.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Holding up very nicely and developing even more opulent and rich Pinot varietal character. Enjoy it 2013-2015.

2005 Barbaresco Starderi (La Spinetta, Giorgio Rivetti)     (Oct 2011)


Tasting notes from February, 2011 

Delicious, distinct and slightly burnt nose with exceptional depth of fruit and typical notes of plums, bakelite and rubber.

Massive, distinct, tight taste with lots of minerals, concentrated fruit and a very long powerful after taste.

A beautiful topranked Nebbiolo cult wine from one of Piemontes best vineyards and winemakers. At this point (January 2011) it shows great potential in power and precision but will need at least 3-6 years to reach its peak; all the lovely characteristics of this great wine are quite modest right now but those of you who can keep your hands off will have fabulous drinking pleasure in the future!

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Still a bit tight and slightly closed but bursting with fruit and gracefull tannins. Could be enjoyed now but will not peak until after 2020.

2004 Washington State Cabernet Franc (Hedges)  (Dec 2011)

Tasting notes from February, 2011

Wonderfully deep complex rich St Emilion-character nose with classic hints of leather, fudge and animalic overtones.

Excellent, fruit-generous toffee-sweet taste with high extract, wide fruit and a long lingering finish featuring very present but lean and velvety tannins.

Exceptional, well put together schoolbook Cabernet Franc from one of Americas most promising vineyards on the Red Mountain appellation in Washington State. This Bordeaux style masterpiece is both elegant and potent; it is ready to drink and enjoy now but will develop loads of nuances in the next 2-5 years.

Tasting notes from November, 2013-12-18

Still showing sensationally typical Cabernet Franc character with aromas leaning towards Bordeaux’s right bank, that is St:Emiliou. Enjoy it 2014-2017.


2006 Champagne Blanc de Blancs, Premier Cru (de Saint Gall)
(Dec 2010)

Tasting notes from December, 2010

Very elegant, distinct and precise chardonnay nose with lots of attractive minerals, honey notes and quiet fruit aromas.

Seriously focused, bright, stony taste with wide fruit, citrus character and a long clean chalky, crisp finish.

A very attractive, young, distinct and complete Blanc de Blancs with all the classic aromas including melted butter, toast, exotic fruit, etc. A stringent and complex no-nonsense chardonnay wine that can be enjoyed already but will develop more complex aromas in the next 2-6 years.

Tasting notes from November, 2013

Now opening up more of its true identity accentuating typical smoke puffs and serious mineral character. Enjoy it 2013-2022.

Tasting notes from April, 2016

Starting to peak, slowly showing lovely, ripe fruit, maintaining the firm acidic grip in the long chalky finish. Enjoy 2016-2022.